Fluid quality of gasoline and diesel during custody transfer is critical. The hydrocarbon product can contain particulate and emulsified aqueous contaminants. There are a number of operating issues (haze, particulate contamination, copper strip corrosion tests, filter and salt replacement costs) that are often symptomatically addressed. The root causes of all these issues can often be traced back to poor separation prior to the salt-driers. Salt driers are intended to remove soluble water in the gasoline and diesel to an even lower level – so as to allow the gasoline and diesel to still remain in specification despite moisture ingression into product tanks or low temperature storage. Sending emulsified water in a hydrocarbon stream to a salt drier will effectively cause channeling in the bed, which in turn will cause high localized velocities, salt carryover, and poor hydrocarbon salt contact. Transcend focuses on the root cause solution – which is to remove particulate and emulsified aqueous contamination before the salt driers. In many cases, existing filter-coalescers may be upgraded.

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