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Carbon Beds in Amine System

Carbon beds are an integral part of most amine based (MEA, DEA, MDEA, DIPA, DGA) gas treating units. In some cases, the carbon bed is on the rich amine stream, although it is often on [...]

Naphtha Custody Transfer

Often refined product streams have fluid quality specifications that need to be met in order for a product to be saleable. There a number of contaminants that may be present, including catalyst fines, water, corrosion [...]

Sour Water Unit Optimization

Sour water units suffer from hydrocarbon and particulate fouling, tower instability and hydrocarbon carryover to the sulfur plant. Refinery sour water streams contain free and emulsified hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are difficult to settle out, despite [...]

Amine System Optimization

Optimal operation of amine absorption units requires efficient liquid/liquid or gas/liquid contact. The feed often contains heavy hydrocarbons. If these are not effectively removed, they will be washed into the amine. Much of the hydrocarbons [...]

Black Powder Removal

Black powder contamination is endemic in natural gas production and transmission. Persistent particulate contamination of natural gas streams include acid gas induced corrosion of carbon steel piping, formation contamination such as coal-seam dust, as well [...]

Fuel Custody Transfer

Fluid quality of gasoline and diesel during custody transfer is critical. The hydrocarbon product can contain particulate and emulsified aqueous contaminants. There are a number of operating issues (haze, particulate contamination, copper strip corrosion tests, [...]

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