Hydrocarbon Processing plants are often faced with process upsets resulting in system instability which can lead to throughput constraints, operating cost escalation and off-spec material being produced.  In many cases, the selective application of high performance separation technology can immediately address the root causes of system instability.  The cost of reduced throughput, or off-spec material production often exceeds $1,000,000 per day,  and our rental services program is intended to provide an expeditious solution.

Our rental services are based around high pressure, ASME code pressure vessels, with quick opening closures.  The systems are intended to remove both solid and liquid contaminants and are specifically designed for high flow, high temperature applications.

In addition, we provide research and analytical separation systems that are specifically intended to capture contaminants from process streams for the purposes of enabling trouble shooting, process design, or scale-up.  These are also available for capturing solid, liquid and molecular contaminants from liquids and gases.

Please download the following document to read more about a case study of a client who utilized our Rental Solutions.