HOUSTON, TX, July 15, 2020. Transcend Solutions, a technology leader in the creation and manufacture of custom filtration and separation solutions specifically intended to optimize customer processes, is excited to announce the completion of its most recent round of capital expansion. This round of investment is expected to expand capacity by over 100% and help reduce operating lead times for our customers.

As part of this expansion, Transcend commissioned state of the art, JCEM, CNC controlled, pleating technology. JCEM machines are designed to convert fiber-media into advanced separation elements faster than traditional pleating equipment; thereby increasing plant capacity and improving productivity
“Our team has consistently delivered annual growth of over 30% and is thrilled to bring these increased capabilities to our customers. The versatility, increased production capacity and quality related to the new investment will serve our customers for many years to come,” said Dr. David Seeger, Director of Technology Development.

Transcend Solutions continues to invest in its capacity and capabilities to provide its customers with rapid product development and the exceptional quality separation products the market needs. These needs are acutely felt at a time when oil prices and hydrocarbon product demand are low, which increases demand for Transcend’s technologies that help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve stream quality, and drive asset utilization.

Contact Transcend Solutions to learn more about its separation technology capabilities, and how they can help, at www.trnscnd.com or at the Media Contact below.

About Transcend Solutions:
Transcend is a leading manufacturer of custom filtration and separation solutions that optimize customer processes. We combine separations technology, process engineering and operating expertise to develop root cause solutions for endemic process issues. We develop technologies that can improve fluid quality, extend online life, improve operator interface & operability, and reduce disposal costs.

Media Contact:
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