Optimal operation of amine absorption units requires efficient liquid/liquid or gas/liquid contact. The feed often contains heavy hydrocarbons. If these are not effectively removed, they will be washed into the amine. Much of the hydrocarbons either build up in the regeneration column or recirculate depending on boiling range. There are corrosion products formed due to the acid gases. The recirculating hydrocarbon affiliates with corrosion products to create a “shoe polish” which fouls trays, packing, and exchanger surfaces, as well as blinds filters and carbon beds. The hydrocarbon particulate dispersion will also stabilize foams. The tray fouling, exchanger fouling and foaming all impact treating capacity. Transcend focuses on root cause solutions that eliminate critical fouling agents either before they enter the system, or before they have an opportunity to recirculate within the system results in a dramatic impact on operating profitability.

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